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Patrimony Wines

California first-growth wines fulfilling the Adelaida District’s destiny as the world’s next benchmark for Bordeaux varietals.

Brothers Daniel and Georges Daou embarked on a journey of conviction. It began with a belief that their vineyards would one day produce some of the most profound wines imaginable. With PATRIMONY, that promise has been fulfilled. It is the destiny of this land, and the masterwork of those who shepherd it.

We have discovered a terroir within the Adelaida District that does not exist anywhere else on earth. This terroir gives us the ability to make wines with ultra-high phenolics that have never been seen before. These wines hold minerality and freshness while boasting elegance and balance — a beautiful symphony of elements unique to the land.

A great wine is not defined by having excessive elements but rather by the ability to show power without sacrificing elegance, freshness and balance.” 



This is our legacy.