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A Pure Sense of Place

Unlocking the immense potential of the Adelaida District.

PATRIMONY Estate holds the pinnacle of terroir in the Adelaida District. The fruit of this domain yields wines of undeniable depth, balance and structure.

PATRIMONY Estate is one of the few California vineyards planted to Bordeaux varieties at an elevation of over 2,000 feet while residing just 14 miles from the Pacific Ocean, providing perfect conditions for gentle ripening and consistent fruit maturation year after year.

PATRIMONY Estate is blessed with a rare synergy of elements, including a climate similar to Napa Valley and rare calcareous clay soils reminiscent of Bordeaux. This land has gifted us with the perfect opportunity to cultivate world-class wines.

This mountain has stood for millennia, honed by the elements into an unsurpassed terroir. Since arriving here, we have been impatient with its potential, and driven by its promise. We now reap all that we have learned and worked for, marshaling it into a wine that claims new ground.

This is our inheritance, and our legacy.


This is our legacy.