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Unrivaled Innovation

True elegance begins in the vineyard.

With unparalleled characteristics of soil and climate, our vineyards yield fruit with some of the highest-measured phenolics in the world for Bordeaux varieties. Phenolics are the drivers of color, aroma, texture and flavor—the natural compounds in grapes that are determined by cultivar, terroir and vineyard practices. This is the signature of PATRIMONY Estate.

Each of our vineyards is farmed organically as either certified organic or in the process of becoming certified. We farm with the belief that sustained plant health and crop quality are paramount to building our legacy of fine wines.

Winemaker Daniel Daou practices biodynamic principals that are designed to be minimally invasive while elevating the fruit and terroir. Preserving the ecosystem of our vineyards is top priority.

PATRIMONY encompasses two sites, both within a stone’s throw of each other. Since 2013, PATRIMONY has been solely produced from the best blocks on DAOU Mountain, sitting at 2,200 feet elevation just 14 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Within the next few years, we will begin integrating fruit from our newly developed PATRIMONY Estate.

The PATRIMONY Estate features some of the steepest vineyard slopes in the Western Hemisphere and has high-density plantings of up to 3,630 vines per acre. This estate is nothing short of awe-inspiring. It looks directly at DAOU Mountain and will be the future home of our world-class hospitality center.

Dry farming and deficit irrigation techniques are utilized to conserve water as a precious resource, and to let the vines show their pure, organic potential. Additionally, Daniel has created a protocol that allows our vineyards to navigate climate change and adapt with ever-changing conditions, ensuring minimal damage to the grapes during heat spikes.

Daniel cares for these vineyards as if they are his children, and in return the fruit that is produced here is nothing short of perfection.

There is a relentlessness required to make a wine like PATRIMONY. No resource, not an ounce of effort is spared in its pursuit. But the soul of the wine — that comes not from a heavy hand, but rather a discerning touch. We are ever mindful of this balancing act.”

DANIEL J. DAOU, Winemaker & Proprietor


This is our legacy.