Patrimony Estate

“Our family comes from the Old World where the rites of fellowship, hospitality and luxury have been ingrained for more than two thousand years. Patrimony is an extension of this inheritance, and a desire to share it with others.”

-Daniel Daou, Winemaker & Co-Proprietor

In the Santa Lucia Mountains west of Paso Robles is a gem cut from the rough of the coastal forest, ascending into the skyline with pyramidal grace. This is DAOU Mountain, in the Adelaida District.

Patrimony is rooted in the mountain's unmatched alchemy of soil, aspect and climate, and realized through meticulous vinification of our most noble vineyard rows. The phenolics produced here are known to be among the highest in the world, fostering an immensity of color, depth and structure that is only enhanced by the rigorous viticulture required to make Patrimony.

“There is a relentlessness required to make a wine like Patrimony. No resource, not an ounce of effort is spared in its pursuit. But the soul of the wine—that comes not from a heavy hand, but rather a discerning touch. We are ever mindful of this balancing act.”


Patrimony fruit undergoes state-of-the-art optical sorting to ensure absolute flavor integrity. Fermentation proceeds exclusively with wild yeasts cultured from DAOU Mountain, imbuing the wine with native texture and character. The wine is made entirely from free-run juice. Maturation unfolds for 30 months in rare French oak barrels prized for their fine grain and distinctive elegance. Only after further aging in the bottle for one year do all of these aspects coalesce into complete symmetry

The result is a most pure expression of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape —abundantly layered, extravagant in depth, and intricately poised to the end.


The Patrimony aging program is built around the most coveted French oak barrels that are accessible only through personal relationships with top cooperages.

These barrels are: (1) Taransaud T5 barrels coopered from five-year seasoned staves cut from centuries-old Tronçais forest trees; (2) limited Tonnellerie Sylvain barrels made from 362-year-old fine-grain oak, originating from a forestry program initiated during the reign of Louis XIV; only 35 of these barrels were produced from two fallen oaks in the Futaie des Clos plot of the Bercé royal forest; and (3) a proprietary DAOU barrel created from rare, super fine-grain pink oak, or , that is also seasoned in the elements for five years. This proprietary barrel is custom toasted with a low flame to avoid char and ultimately accentuate the wine with extraordinary length.

Collectively, these barrels provide for absolute oak integration and staggering complexity over a maturation period of 30 months, all without encroaching upon the pure qualities of our DAOU Mountain fruit.