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The Journey of World-Class Winemaking

And the art of perfection.

Each year I am amazed by the quality of fruit that our vineyards produce. We have been blessed with some of the best terroir in the world, and it is my responsibility to preserve the perfection this land gives us. This estate, this wine, is truly a gift.”

DANIEL J. DAOU, Winemaker & Proprietor

Winemaker Daniel Daou has a very specific vision: to create the highest-quality Bordeaux-style wines possible. He believes that great wine is made in the vineyard and that no detail should be left unexplored. PATRIMONY Estate is home to calcareous clay soils typically only found in the world-class wine growing regions of France. Daniel uses this providential soil along with his proprietary planting techniques to create total vine balance.” His meticulous winegrowing practices allow for the grapes to arrive at the winery in the perfect condition to create wines that rival the best in the world.

Daniel demands impeccable standards, precise measurements, utmost focus and exceptional results. With his hands in every facet of the winemaking process, he relentlessly seeks perfection. He is committed to ensuring that these coveted vineyards continue to create nothing short of greatness.

The Daou’s have championed Cabernet Sauvignon in Paso Robles for many years, believing that the warm, dry — but highly diverse — region on California’s Central Coast is capable of making wines that can stand tall with the best Bordeaux reds in the world. And indeed, flying under the radar, Paso Robles’ best Cabernets are consistently highly scored by top critics.

ROBB REPORT, September 2021

Daniel’s drive for innovation has made him one of the most acclaimed winemakers in California. He was among the first to bring rare, high-quality Cabernet clones to Paso Robles by way of iconic regions such as Bordeaux and Napa Valley. Each PATRIMONY wine comes from the free-run juice of grapes that have been optically sorted to ensure fruit integrity, structure and color.

The fruit grown on PATRIMONY Estate produces unfathomably high phenolics, the natural compounds responsible for the composition and marriage of color, taste and texture. This fruit is masterfully guided by Daniel’s palate as well as his proprietary fermentation techniques. He relies on native yeasts cultured from DAOU Mountain, which create pure wines that never rely on acidification or other adulterations. All of this enables PATRIMONY to achieve what some might consider impossible: wines of immense power and longevity without any sacrifice of elegance, freshness or balance. 

Daniel’s highly trained Palate is responsible for his signature wines, world class Cabernet Sauvignon that are bold and well structured, wines that have the voluptuousness of Sophia Lauren and the elegance of Audrey Hepburn.”


PATRIMONY’s meticulous aging program is designed to complement our unmatched expressions of Bordeaux varietals.

Daniel’s commitment to 100% French oak barrels is essential to the purity and balance that he aims to achieve with each vintage. His pursuit of excellence led him to create his own custom barrel from the most iconic forests in France. His proprietary Bois Rosé” barrel is made from a rare pink oak that comes from highly coveted trees within very specific forests.

Daniel’s custom barrel innovation includes seasoning the oak on our estate to ensure that each stave captures the natural elements surrounding the vineyards. After allowing the wood to season for five years, he utilizes the industry’s top cooperages to create the final barrels. The finished product is truly a work of art.

Unmatched Barrels

We utilize strong relationships with top cooperages to acquire the following barrels:

  • The Canadell family has worked diligently with Daniel Daou for more than 10 years to create the perfect barrel made out of Bois Rosé, a rare fine-grain pink oak that is seasoned for a period of 5 years in the elements.
  • Taransaud T5 barrels coopered from five-year seasoned staves cut from centuries-old reclaimed forests.
  • Tonnellerie Berger & Fils, one of the most renowned cooperages for nearly 70 years. Their team creates custom barrels crafted specifically for PATRIMONY.
  • Sylvain Collection Futaie Artistique II barrels, made from over 350-year-old fine-grain oak, originating from a forestry program initiated during the reign of Louis XIV.
  • Seguin Moreau ICÔNE Elegance barrels provide support in creating elegant and harmonious wines.

There is something to be said about the nature of this variety (Cabernet Franc) in Paso, especially within the Adelaida District, which brings a distinct calcareous nature to its profile. Here, we found the best of its kind – augmented by the hand of Daniel Daou and his team.”

THE TASTING PANEL, February 2021


This is our legacy.